Monday, February 7, 2011

Busting the Blogger Cherry

Here we go. I was getting complaints that my blog had no entries, which is a bullshit complaint. I mean, I'm supposed to write on this? Whatever.

Mr. Two Monkeys has convinced me to create this thing in order to build a writing portfolio. Sometimes, he's very responsible. But most of the time he's the type of guy who eats Starbursts for dinner.

Mostly, I write plays and fiction and spent a lot of money on a fancy MFA so I could be all legit and stuff. My fiction is still under construction. You can find my plays in various places like The Art of the One Act or uh... on my flash drive. Plays are transitory and get performed more than published. But the next time my local theatre wants to do one of my plays about prison life and small children, I'll let you all know. Um... not that I was ever in prison. But my dad is a corrections officer. I *know* things.

I also write the occasional article for Shout out to my very special Geektresses. In fact, I have one appearing on Tuesday, 2/8. I also have a book review in the works for - the podcast Mr. Two Monkeys participates in. This will be my first DZ article, but I have appeared on the podcast periodically to cry and pee my pants over scary movies.

And now this. The Blogger cherry is busted. Time to be a blog whore.


  1. Bring it m'dear. Looking forward to it. It's cool that you "know things", cause I'm all "wanna know things" there's that....

  2. Oh yes, you will learn many things here...