Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hunky Men - and Yes, the Ladies are Also Men

All has been quiet on the IL front... Too quiet. I think I've watched more television in the last four weeks than I have in all of the combined time since Lost ended.
I will never forgive you for leaving me, Sayid.
I've been spending a lot of time at friends' houses watching Game of Thrones and RuPaul's Drag Race because I don't get Logo or HBO at home. Eclectic, no? I like my queens and I like my rugged men of Westeros, especially Khal Drogo. He werks that eyeliner like a Drag Race contestant.
Oooh, girl! You got she-mail!
I was really hoping Alexis Mateo would win Drag Race, but as indicated in one of my first posts ever, Raja had it from the beginning. She deserved it, but I would personally much rather hang out with Alexis. We would lay by the pool and eat sopapillas all day.

Bam, bitches!

I am so pumped for Drag U starting in June. My other favorite queen from Drag Race, Carmen Carerra will be one of the drag professors. I'm still not convinced she's really a man.

Not a sprepper.
In the meantime, I'm going to keep watching Game of Thrones. I have to admit that when news first broke of this series being made into a television show, I was fairly indifferent. It had been several years since I'd read the books and there was no pub. date in sight for Dance With Dragons. Plus, teevee and movies notoriously fuck up fantasy left and right.

If you don't remember this show, then you probably didn't have a socially awkward childhood.
So, meh. But I got swept away with Dance With Dragons madness when a pub. date finally was announced and reread A Game of Thrones not only for my own enjoyment, but for the benefit of Geektress as well. No one comments on my read along posts, so I will never know if they were helpful or enlightening. But I've been having fun with them. And I've been having fun rereading. The first time I read the books I was sucked in completely. The second time hasn't been any different. I had to take a break after A Game of Thrones to read an ARC by Jacqueline Carey - my favorite fantasy author ever - and it's killing me. I already know what happens next, but I still need to know what happens next, dammit!

I'm really enjoying this adaptation of the books as well. There are a lot of minor discrepancies between the book and show, but so far, all of the differences make sense. There is so much back story in A Game of Thrones and readers discover much of it through a character's internal dialogue. So much of the current plot also happens in the heads of these characters. The writers and directors have done a great job of delivering vital information to viewers in a way that is other than Ned Stark standing around thinking.

"Sometimes, when I decapitate criminals, I think about how much I like bacon."
 Overall, I'm really pleased with this show. I already mentioned last post how much I love Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister. My other favorite - Aiden Gillen as Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. He's one of my favorites in the books. Gillen is perfect casting both in looks and demeanor.

Totally trustworthy. You can see it in his eyes.
I only have a couple of issues so far, one of which has already been addressed online several times. Like thousands of others, I wonder - where are the wolves? Ghost and Summer will play significant roles as the show goes on. We saw Ghost briefly in the episode "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things." Apparently, wolves are kind of hard to work with.

Maybe at this size it won't eat the actors.
The other issue I have is with Rickon, the youngest Stark child. In the books he's about 4. On the show, he's about 6. I think we caught a glimpse of him once, but he's been mentioned a few times. I know he doesn't have much of a role in the first book, and I honestly can't remember if he becomes important later. But in the world of the show, he does exist and I'm a little unnerved that he hasn't been around. Yeah, I know, he goes all feral and stuff, but I'm afraid that he'll just kind of show up one episode and people unfamiliar with the books will be all wtf? I wonder if he should have been written out for the show.

At any rate, it's about lunch time and I need a sandwich. I've also run out of things to say. So, in the words of RuPaul, 'If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else? Can I get an a-men up in here?" 

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  1. I'm so behind in reading the book and that's why I bought a copy. It's not the type of book I can read while reading other things. There's a lot to absorb. I might go back and read your write ups when I finish the book.

    I'm really enjoying the TV series even if I'm having a hard time for some reason keeping the names straight :)