Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Like a Lot of Things

I just podcasted for Geektress and was reminded I had a blog. I've seen a few movies, read a few books. I've even watched some television.

I went out to see Thor with Mr. TwoMonkeys and our friend, M. I've never read Thor comics and I've never been a big fan of The Avengers so I didn't really know what to expect. But I really didn't like it. Part of my dislike was the asshole kids and their asshole parents sitting in front of us. Movie talkers belong in the circle of Hell lower than the one where Satan munches on Judas. Maybe it's the one where Satan craps out Judas' remains.
I felt that the movie as a whole was overacted. Mr. TwoMonkeys says Thor is supposed to be campy, and it was. Kenneth Branaugh is an excellent Shakespearean actor and director. However, what works with Shakespeare doesn't really work with comic books. I know, these characters are larger than life and they're supposed to have big voices and big actions, but that just didn't fit here. Maybe Thor as a character can't sustain his own feature length movie. Not everything translates well from one genre to another, and here we have comic book to movie with a theatre flair.

Something smells in the state of Denmark! YARRGH!
 I also went out with Mr. TwoMonkeys and our friend T to see The Hangover II. I enjoyed the first one more than I thought I would and I liked this one as well. A lot of people are bitching that it's the same movie with slightly different scenarios, but duh. What did you all think it would be? This isn't Oscar material. It's a formula film. I went in there and got exactly what I expected - 2 hours of poop, sex, and drug jokes. And this:

He kind of has a weird chin, but I sure as hell would not kick him out of bed.

I don't watch a lot of television, except that now I do. Well, a lot for me. Our friend J continues to let us mooch her HBO to watch Game of Thrones. Have I declared yet how much I enjoy this show? I am really impressed with the adaptation. I'm still loving Peter Dinklage as Tyrion and Aidan Gillen as Littlefinger.

I want another cat just so I can name it Littlefinger.
I finished rereading A Clash of Kings and am about 200 pages into A Storm of Swords. I like reading books a second time around because I can better appreciate the intricacies of plot and character. I'm not racing through the pages just to find out what happens next. I'm taking a leisurely stroll through Westeros. I'm making more connections and reading between the lines. I'm having a good time. Oh, except for the Jon Snow chapters. Ugh. I was bored by them the first time around and extra bored now because the television show portrays Jon as a whiny little twat. Before the show, I was just bored. Now, I'm bored and annoyed.

I also follow Hodor on Twitter.
So, I am looking forward to A Dance With Dragons in July, but I hope Jon becomes more interesting. Speaking of, Mr. TwoMonkeys and I are headed to Indianapolis on July 16th to a GRRM signing. Most girls swoon over guys like this:

I'm going to travel 3 hours to meet this guy. Again.

Can one lust over another's writing? I wouldn't kick his writing out of bed.
 Finally, Game of Thrones isn't my only love after RuPaul's Drag Race. There's a new show on Animal Planet called My Cat from Hell. It's kind of like the Cat Whisperer. If Caesar Milan looked like this:

Cat Daddy
At first, I thought this guy Jackson Galaxy looked like a complete toolbox. He even carries his cat supplies in a soft guitar case. I didn't want to watch it. But within seconds, before I could turn the channel, I was hooked. This guy has the "cat mojo." I can't possibly dislike anyone who loves cats as much as he does, no matter how silly his facial hair looks. In fact, I want him to come over and see my cats just so we can hang out and talk cats. None of my cats are from hell, not even Moo. I just want to hang. Call me sometime, Jackson.

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  1. I also don't understand why people are saying The Hangover 2 is the same. Most comedy sequels are like that?

    I enjoyed Thor. My big complaint was how they did closeups during the Thor/Loki fight. They seem to do that with a lot of movies these days and it makes it hard to follow the action. My gf thought it wasn't epic enough but I told her she just thinks anything without shots of New Zealand{LOTR} mountains isn't epic. She's a LOTR geek.

    Oh, and love the last cat picture :)