Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DayThree: I seriously can't handle anymore Doctor Who cosplay, okay?

Que hora es?!!!
Sunday was Kids' Day at C2E2 so there were tons of adorable children and babies all dressed up. I don't have any pictures of them because I didn't want to be that creepy weirdo that was all, "Can I take a picture of your kids?" I saw a lot of Adventure Time cosplay and yelled, "What time is it?!" every chance I could. Some of them weren't very enthusiastic about answering me, but if you're going to cosplay Jake or Finn, you have to be prepared to get yelled at a lot. I yelled "What time is it?" at a Princess Bubblegum while in the bathroom and she loudly and happily answered me from three stalls over.
I'm Twilight Sparkle on the inside.
My friend Angie went all out as Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and her costume was beloved by kids and adults. She wants to do Rarity next year and I'm considering Twilight Sparkle. I've never dressed up for one of these things before, so we'll see. 
After Kristy basked in his essence, I totally wanted to make out with her.
Kristy, my constant, spent her morning waiting in line for a John Barrowman autograph. She was way more hardcore than me. I didn't have the energy to wait so long, especially considering I only like Torchwood, but not Doctor Who. So, Mr. Twomonkeys, Bossman and I slept in a little bit and didn't get over to the con until amost noon. I was dog ass tired at this point. My energy was gone even though I had been drinking way too much Five Hour Energy. I could see through time, but not stand upright. I plodded through the convention floor and ignored all panels. I had thought about going to the Anne Rice spotlight but I didn't think I'd make it to 4pm, or whenever it was. So, we hit Artsist's Alley because other than a short visit with Katie Cook, I hadn't been over there yet.
Motherfucking centaurs!
Despite my exhaustion, I experienced my other con highlight on Sunday - meeting Cliff Chiang, I am in love with the Wonder Woman relaunch and especially in love with Chiang's work. Mr. TwoMonkeys had gone to a panel the previous day and Chiang was on it, but I didn't know he was going to be in Artist's Alley. We didn't even know he would be at the con until after we got there. Suprisingly, there was no one at his booth. I can only assume he had just sat down and people hadn't had a chance to swarm him yet. We talked a little and I told him how much I like his work on Wonder Woman. I said that my WW favorite panel was the one in ussue #1 where Wonder Woman straight up headbutts a centaur in the face. Apparently, that was Brian Azarello's idea, as he's a huge fan of wrestling. Chiang's commission list was full, and he didn't have any prints of the centaur headbutt, but I did buy a print of Wonder Woman swinging a bloody battle axe in a field of fallen arrows. I can't wait to get that framed and use it as inspiration in my own violent writing. I also bought a Dex Starr print from artist, Sara Richard. Not only was it beautiful and inexepensive, but $5 from every sale of that particular print was going to the Humane Society. Rock on, Sara Richard. Check out her stuff here.
At this point, I'd had enough. Not even the John Barrowman aura surrounding Kristy could keep me on my feet any longer. It was time to go home. We made the slow, torturous trek back to the parking garage and I threatened to leave both Mr. TwoMonkeys and Bossman multiple times if they didn't stop gawking at things. We dropped Kristy off in her suburb and then made the drive home. I felt filthy from con crud and physically tired and tired of the press of people, but it was totally worth it. The end.

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