Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi! I'm back! And I have a book review!!

There's a lot of white space here and I'm not sure what to do about it.
I feel like I start a lot of recent book reviews with, "I like this book better than I thought I would..." And if I have, it's because I've been reading a lot of books that are either book club selections or recommended by someone else. My brother has been harping on me to read this book for years. When I had the chance to meet F. Paul Wilson last weekend at C2E2 (he was super cool), I figured I better get cracking.

I like to think the F stands for Fucking Awesome.

Repairman Jack is in the business of vigilante justice. He's kind of like The Punisher, except with a narrower scope of rage (he doesn't shoot people in the face for littering, for example) and a better sense of humor. Jack fixes things for people when the police either don't do their job or don't do the right kind of job. When someone commits a crime, Jack makes sure they pay in the appropriate way -none of this trial by judge and jury crap.

Then again, I wouldn't put this past Repairman Jack is the situation warranted it.

In The Tomb, the first Repairman Jack book, jack is hired for two jobs: 1. Retrieve a stolen necklace and maybe kick the ass of the guy who stole it since he beat up an old lady in the process. 2. Find his ex-girlfriend's missing aunt. As the story goes on, Jack realizes these two jobs are connected. And there's some funny business going on. For example, how did Gia's aunt disappear from a secure third story bedroom without a trace? And just why is this necklace so dang important - it's just iron and topaz?

This is what Todd is getting for Christmas.

This was a quick and easy read and a little outside of my normal fare. But my brother promises there will be all kinds of apocalyptic shit going down in later books. The only reason I didn't give this five stars is that there isn't much re readability factor. But I had a good time with the first read. And now I have to go punch my brother for getting me hooked on a 16 book series when I have too many other things to do...       


  1. Crap. I'm going to get my husband hooked on this series so I have someone to bitch about when we get hooked together and avoid doing necessary things. It sounds like good, clean, vigilante fun. Thanks.

    1. Then we can all bitch together and avoid housework. Do it.