Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Will Not Rupologize!

I want to be a drag queen!

 I used to consider RuPaul's Drag Race my guilty pleasure, but have come to the conclusion that there is nothing to be guilty about. RPDR is good, positive, self affirming television. Yeah, it's reality television, and the queens get catty (I mean, that's part of the drag package) but RuPaul really delivers a powerful message with every episode: we are all champions, cover girls, and glamazons.

Can I get an amen?

 And so, when Sharon Needles declared a few episodes ago that the next drag superstar needed to be a sweetheart, I completely agreed. I knew that Phi Phi could never win the top spot. Now, in season two, Tyra Sanchez won the crown and she was kind of a bitch. But she was really no more or less bitchy than anyone else. I think it was hard to take Tyra's bitchiness and reconcile that with how fierce and fishy she was. And I'm a huge fan of Carmen Carerra from season three - queen of the Heathers. But Phi Phi... oh my. On the Drag Race reunion episode, Willam insinuated that PhPhi was downright sociopathic. I don't know if I'd go that far. Then again, I wasn't there.

Yeah. She did.

Speaking of Willam, her dress was adorable and sexy. Since Willam is about as big around as one of my thighs, she werked it. Everyone finally found out what exactly Willam did to get kicked off the show (nightly banging with the husband). Willam grew on me over the course of the season. The more I realized she was more than just a perfectly androgynous face and body, the more I liked her. Willam's deadpan humor won me over completely, and "Your tone seems very pointed right now" has made its way into my Drag Race circle of friends' lexicon.

Good god, get a grip, girl!

My favorite queen, Latrice, didn't make it to the final three, but she did win Miss Congeniality, and no one deserved it more. Latrice really embodied RuPaul's positive messages of self worth. Latrice is huge and gorgeous - she's a beacon of beauty for big girls and ladyboys everywhere. I kind of want to hang out with Latrice and have her teach me how to put on makeup. And if Being In Total Control of Herself makes a person a bitch, then that's what I aspire to.

Go to right now, hunty. He's got all kinds of Drag Race goodies!

But on to the winner: All hail Queen Sharon! Yes, I was Team Chad Michaels, but I liked Sharon an awful lot and either one of them deserved to win. Chad had the classic beauty and Sharon had the quirkiness - I loved both. But Sharon's humility and graciousness throughout, and especially as she was crowned the winner, melted my heart. Her speech at the end was awesome - "If you ever get booed off stage, remember that it's just applause from ghosts!"

Long live Queen Sharon (but I still adore you, Chad Michaels!)!!!

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